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The Computer Field – professionally provides services for Computer Hardware, Software, Networking, Cell Phones and Tablets.

Are you looking to buy a new computer or upgrade the one that you have? We offer advisory services to help you figure out what you want, what you need and what is in your budget. We can help you pick out the computer and manufacturer that best fits your needs. We can also do remote support and assist in getting you back on track quickly and efficiently.

Contact us! We can handle the purchasing and installations of many computer, network and server products.

Years of hard work developing a well-established service that helps you (the client) with the tools needed to manage your own web site, configure domain hosting or assist in graphic design, printing, and information security. Our philosophy has been to develop sites that are both useful and profitable for our clients because we like to build long lasting relationships and enjoy to see our friends succeed!

A web page design always includes a website promotion and marketing plan. Your success is our success. That is why most of our business comes from happy customers who are great referrals! With our experience in web site development, we can promise you that the work will exceed your expectations. In fact, most of the web design orders come from repeat customers and referrals. For examples of some work, please view the portfolio. Besides web page design and development, we also offer services in IT consulting. If you need help deciding what you need or have other questions, talk to us!

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