Populists and Progressives

Both populists and progressives stand with liberal grounds and strived for the well being of the working class of society and equality for Americans. One problem I see between the two is that while populism can be socially conservative and without being as demanding for their ideas, progressivism can be totally socially liberal and not care for the people they leave behind in their ideas.

A major issue was the lack of control over government and how it was regulated. They wanted equal fairness that needed to be changed to insure a future for their children. They introduced more ideas that would benefit their next generations for years to come. Ideas that were initiative to the future of all Americans with a referendum and recall which were needed by the state constitution to make new laws. They needed to change the way banks did business. They needed to make new socialistic ideas to help support a new born nation thrive and make sure the government can help in the creation of money, power, roads and railroads. They needed to choose what types of areas to nationalize as they did with railroads and banks. The Populist Party  most of the labor support with the majority of its supporters bring farmers, who at the time took up over half of the population.

Many presidents have taken approaches that would fall under this category. Americans tend to depend on the people along with the president to make these changes for us. Taking away government funded programs can only hinder society. It’s amazing what the members of the populists and progressives’ parties have done to change history for us.



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